Real Survival Story

Walks for 30 hours to save family

By now you’ve heard of the incredible 46 year old woman who walked for 30 hours through the snow in a desperate 26 mile hike to reach help for her husband and  10 year old son. What has gathered a lot of attention is the fact she drank her own urine and ate twigs.

Why Not Stay put?

You will Die ! According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, 5,800 people died from exposure to cold from 2010 to 2013.

What if no one is coming?

One of the rules of that are usually quoted is to stay together and wait to be found.. But what if you’re lost and don’t think anyone is looking for you?  That’s what Karen Klein was faced with. So, this 46 year of triathlete  started walking. At times, she hallucinated

Must stay hydrated

You must stay hydrated in order to keep going.She knew eating the frozen snow to stay hydrated would just increase her chances of  hyperthermia. So she drank her own pee.

Is drinking Urine safe?

Experts are divided on this.

Did you hear this?

This incredible woman’s determination and endurance have been widely hailed , as well  as the sensational aspects of the story. Lost in most of the excitement is the fact that her husband and son walked to higher ground to get a cell signal and called for help. If they had stayed together at the vehicle, they  could have been rescued together.


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